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Mike Lowell Starting at First Base Today

Mike Lowell is going to be starting at first base today for Boston, with Adrian Beltre playing third base...

This is noteworthy primarily because, when the Rangers were seeking to acquire Lowell, they were doing so in the hopes that he could play a fair amount of first base against lefthanded pitchers, even though he's primarily played third base in the past.

I suspect that Boston is doing this in part to showcase Lowell, given that they tried to trade him once over the winter.  This is a way for teams to get a look at him out at first base and get an idea of how he looks out there, since an acquiring team would likely be looking to get him as a bench player who would fill in at a couple of positions, rather than as a third baseman exclusively.

I'd be interested in knowing if the Rangers will have a scout out there in Florida checking this game out...