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Tuesday morning Rangers things

Well, that was the first Ranger game of the year I got to watch on TV last night, and it could have been better.  But hey, it is baseball...

T.R. Sullivan's wrapup of yesterday's game notes that Nelson Cruz has had a strong spring, including his first homer last night...

Jeff Wilson writes that Rich Harden isn't worried about his lack of velocity right now...he says that this is what spring training is for, and when the season starts, he'll be where he wants to be.

The S-T has some notes up, including updates on Josh Hamilton (who left yesterday's game after being hit in the hand), Ian Kinsler and Chris DavisRichard Durrett also has some notes up from yesterday.

C.J. Wilson and Neftali Feliz both are slated to pitch four innings today, and Sullivan writes that it is a big outing for each of these pitchers.