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Craig Calcaterra on the Ranger Sale Situation

Craig Calcaterra talks some more about the Rangers sale situation, including the report that the Hicks Sports Group creditors are still balking on the deal and threatening to force bankruptcy.  Calcaterra says:

This doesn't mean Greenberg doesn't end up with the Rangers at some point. It does, however, yet again, render the rosy "every little thing gonna be alright" jazz he's been peddling since December increasingly silly.  Deals of this size get derailed over far less than $60 million, and even if they end up going through, a difference in that amount can utterly destroy the timeline.

Upshot: there's a very real possibility that the Rangers may spend another season, or at least a good chunk of it, in the same kind of financial limbo they were in last year. A year in which they had to beg MLB for loans.

This is starting to seem to get almost personal here...Calcaterra has been saying for some time that there are issues with the sale, which has been disputed by Greenberg (and others), which may account for the tone of the above.