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Wednesday a.m. Rangers things

The big story coming out of yesterday's game is CJ Wilson's performance. Jeff WilsonRichard Durrett and TR Sullivan each look at Wilson's solid outing Tuesday and his push for a rotation spot. Mike Maddux, among others, appears to be impressed. Durrett also has his Surprise Six from Tuesday.

Tim Cowlishaw has a piece on Chris Davis and his excellent spring, which once again has his arrow pointing upward. 

Wilson also shares his newest edition of his "Rangers Spotlight" piece, this time on Mitch Moreland.

Durrett has a quick chat with Justin Smoak up this morning. 

To complete the conversation on the club's three young first basemen, Ben Rogers takes a look at the good quandry facing the Rangers in determining how to best use each of them.

David Brown takes a statistical look at the Rangers' impressive glut of lefties. 

Jason Cole has a free piece up on Michael Ortiz and his path to professional baseball and where his career currently stands. This is a great read on a guy most know little about.