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Tom Hicks speaks, acts as if anything he has to say is relevant

Stop the presses!!! Tom Hicks has spoken on the Ron Washington cocaine use story:

"I'm comfortable it's not going to happen again. And if it does, there will be zero tolerance," Hicks said Thursday from Dallas.

Someone needs to tell Tom Hicks to shut the hell up and try to keep his soccer team out of foreclosure.

Tom Hicks has nothing to say about this.  He's being forced out, new ownership is coming in, and he just needs to keep his mouth shut and let the people who have some stake in the future of the team make the comments.

Good grief...this really pisses me off.  I don't want to see any more quotes from Tom Hicks about anything Rangers-related other than, "I'm settling with the creditors so the sale can be approved." 

He certainly shouldn't be spouting off as if he has anything to say about anything the team is doing right now.