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Darren O'Day and the bullpen

Evan Grant has a brief piece up on the DMN blog about Darren O'Day, who has been sidelined with an elbow problem and isn't going to pitch this week. 

O'Day says he expects to be ready for the start of the season, but that obviously is up in the air at this point, and could create some issues in regards to the pen.

At this point, as Joey Matches points out, one would think the bullpen is largely set.  Frankie Francisco will close, The Two Darrens will be the setup guys, Chris Ray and Neftali Feliz will be your power righty arms, Dustin Nippert will be the long man, and someone else will be there filling some role. 

But there's been talk that Ray isn't all the way back yet and has been having issues with his command, which could result in him starting the season on the d.l.  If O'Day has to start the season on the disabled list, as well, you suddenly have three unknowns in the bullpen, rather than one.  You could hold onto Ben Snyder for the time being and give him a chance to be a situational lefty for a week or two, and let Doug Mathis and Brandon McCarthy fill in as well, but still...

O'Day and Ray being out, and C.J. Wilson being in the rotation, would make this bullpen look a lot shakier than it did a couple of months ago.