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Friday morning Rangers things

After another loss yesterday, both Jeff Wilson and T.R. Sullivan have stories up about how the Rangers aren't concerned about this recent losing streak, where they've dropped six in a row and 10 of their last 12.

I wish I could agree with them.  And maybe I'm overreacting...but there's sort of a malaise that seems to have settled over things right now.  Players seem flat.  There are too many errors being made.  Ian Kinsler and Jarrod Saltalamacchia have injuries that are worrisome.  The bullpen seems unsettled.  The offense seems to be stagnant.

And yes, it is just spring training, and wins and losses don't really matter there, and yesterday's loss was the result of guys who won't be on the Opening Day roster allowing runs, but still...I'd feel better right now if the team seemed to be a little sharper than they are.

Particularly given the Rangers' track record, under Ron Washington, of stumbling out of the gate.

The S-T says Saltalamacchia will be playing in a minor league game today, and will lead off each inning.  Also in those notes is a mention of Colby Lewis's outing in a minor league game yesterday, in which in struck out 10 batters in 6 innings.  Minor league game or not, that's good to see.

Anthony Andro has a piece about Matt Treanor and his wife, Misty May-Treanor, both coming back from injuries.

Evan Grant did a lengthy chat session at the DMN blog, which you can read here.

Gil LeBreton has a column on Josh Hamilton.

Darren O'Day is going to be blogging at ESPN Dallas, and has an entry up this morning.  T.R. Sullivan also has a story up on O'Day.