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Sunday a.m. Rangers things

Another loss.  With only five more Cactus League games left, you tart to wonder whether the Rangers are going to win another game before they break camp.

C.J. Wilson, at least, had a strong performance yesterday, striking out 8 batters in 6 innings.

Jeff Wilson writes about the Ranger rotation being locked in, with the final decisions being made at a three hour meeting on Friday night.

Gil LeBreton notes that what we've seen this spring from the Rangers is almost unheard of around here -- more quality pitchers who could be in a major league rotation than rotation spots available.

Evan Grant says there are plenty of things to worry about right now for the Rangers, and runs down the biggest concerns.

Ian Kinsler says he is 95% sure that he'll be ready to go on Opening Day.

T.R. Sullivan has a plethora of notes up, including some gory details about how bad the offense has been the past two weeks.

Jim Reeves also has notes up at the ESPN Dallas blog.

Richard Durrett thinks the Rangers did the right thing in making Scott Feldman the Opening Day starter.

Peter Gammons has some notes up from Rangers camp.

And Randy Galloway notes that the Rangers had a big surge in ticket sales the last two weeks, despite the poor spring performance and the Ron Washington news.