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Sunday night linkaliciousness

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Some linkaliciousness...

Keith Law has his breakout candidates for 2010, and everyone's favorite Ranger lefty pitcher who dropped thirty pounds this offseason is on the list...

Richard Durrett has a video interview with Michael Young up...

Jim Reeves thinks Ron Washington's positive drug test means that this is the last managerial job he will ever have, although his great reputation and experience in the game is such that he "may" get another chance as a third base coach.

Evan Grant talked to Bud Selig about the Washington situation.

Joe Posnanski is not a fan of differentiating between earned run and unearned runs.

Joey Gathright?  Free agent.

Roger Staubach will throw out the first pitch on Opening Day.  I don’t care, but others seem to, so I mention and link.

Jayson Stark claims the Rangers are looking for a veteran starting pitcher, and could move David Murphy to get one.  I think someone gave Stark bad info here...I can't see that a veteran starter is a priority at this point.