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Monday morning Rangers things

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Yay, a win!  Finally. 

Strong outing from Scott Feldman yesterday.  Jeff Wilson's game story is here.  Evan Grant offers his thoughts on yesterday's game here.

T.R. Sullivan has some notes up from yesterday on his blog, and talks a fair amount about the catching situation.  Neither Jarrod Saltalamacchia nor Taylor Teagarden is doing much to claim the starting job, it appears.

Evan Grant has some notes up, including an examination of the bench situation, with the Rangers continuing to look outside the organization for a righty 1B/bench option.  Mike Lowell and Josh Willingham are on the radar, but the Rangers reportedly have no money to spend, which is a hindrance in adding either of those guys, and the Nationals asking price for Willingham is apparently not insignificant.

Jim Reeves says that the Rangers scouts are out looking at potential trade targets to fill that role, as well.

Jeff Wilson has a story up on the remaining spots still up for grabs on the Rangers bench and in the bullpen.  The two bench jobs are still unfilled, it appears, largely because no one has done much to impress, although Andres Blanco seems like he'd have to do something really bad in the next few days not to end up on the team.

Anthony Andro writes that Blanco has made an immediate positive impression on Ron Washington.

The bullpen situation is made more complicated by the questions surrounding Darren O'Day, who is questionable to be ready for Opening Day.  Sullivan has a story up on O'Day's situation.

The S-T has some notes up on yesterday's minor league game and the coming pitching schedule, among other things.

Evan Grant has a story up about Clint Hurdle's preaching patience and discipline with the Rangers hitters, and in particular talks about the work he's doing with Chris Davis, particularly on the heels of Davis's recent bad stretch.

And Gil LeBreton has a column up on Nelson Cruz.