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Wednesday a.m. Rangers stuff

The Rangers had four innings of intrasquad game yesterday, and T.R. Sullivan offers notes from the game.  There was one quote from his write-up that jumped out at me:

"I might have wanted to take that pitch, work the count to 3-and-1 and then look for something to drive," Young said. "But at this point of the spring, we're trying to make sure we are fundamental sound. Julio had stolen second and I wanted to get him over."

I know the Rangers are trying to change the offensive philosophy and all, but I can't imagine that having their top of the order guys swing at ball 3 so that they can make a productive out is really something they are promoting right now.

The S-T also has some notes from yesterday up, include injury updates on Chris Ray, Josh Hamilton, and Warner Madrigal.

Jeff Wilson writes that Derek Holland is throwing live b.p. as he works to try to catch back up with the rest of the pitchers, after being slowed with a knee problem.

Richard Durrett has a short Q&A with Julio Borbon.

Wilson looks at the five Rangers who are competing for what is now two open bench spots, with Khalil Greene out of the mix.  Brandon Boggs, who I've touted as a potential 25th man, is not listed.

Sullivan writes that David Murphy isn't worried about being the 4th outfielder -- he feels if he does his things, the at bats will come.

And the Rangers are wearing a patch on their spring uniforms to honor Bobby Bragan.