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Taking a step back and thinking about Chris Davis

Unfortunately, the morning thread appears to have been taken over by Chris Davis talk, yet again...but I did want to mention separately that I think it is worth remembering what Davis's track record is.

Chris Davis turns 24 in two weeks.  As a point of reference, everyone's hot sleeper first base/DH prospect, Mitch Moreland, turns 25 in September. 

Davis, playing as a 22 and 23 year old in the majors, has a career .258/.304/.488 line. 

Mark Teixeira, through his age 23 season, had a career .259/.331/.480 line.

Ryan Howard didn't debut in the majors until late in his age 24 season.

Adrian Gonzalez, through his age 23 season, had a career .229/.272/.401 line.

Derrek Lee, through his age 23 season, had a .227/.305/.384 line.

Just because a corner infielder hasn't set the world on fire in the majors by the time he's 23 doesn't mean he's a bust.

Particularly a guy like Davis, who has a career .306/.366/.585 line in the minors, while generally being very young for the leagues he is in.

So let's show a little patience, particularly since the games haven't even started yet.