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Tuesday a.m. Rangers stuff

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Two wins in a row for the Rangers...they are on fire!

Matt Harrison struggled yesterday, but managed to make it through 7 innings nonetheless.  Harrison also had some issues in his last outing, in a minor league game...with one more spring start to go, this is something to probably keep an eye on.

Evan Grant blogs about the big story from yesterday, Neftali Feliz touching triple digits while striking out the side.  Feliz said Ron Washington told him he was going to be in the bullpen this season, and that Feliz thus needed to take the mindset that he was going to give it everything he had for an inning or two, and you apparently could see the difference.

Jim Reeves has notes about Feliz, along with some other thoughts from yesterday's game.

T.R. Sullivan has some notes from yesterday, including a breakdown as to what at least a segment of the Frisco and Oklahoma pitching staffs are going to look like when the minor league season starts.

Willie Eyre says he's letting his wife worry about whether he will be starting the season in Oklahoma or in Texas.

Jeff Wilson has a story up about Frank Francisco, as he heads into his contract year.