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Wednesday a.m. Rangers things

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Another Rangers win yesterday, as Colby Lewis went 7 1/3 innings (the first 7 without allowing a run) in the longest out of the spring.

That's the good news.  On the bad news front, Ian Kinsler appears likely to start the season on the d.l.

T.R. Sullivan has some notes up, including a couple of items on Darren O'Day and Willie Eyre, and the Rangers' backup first baseman situation.

Neftali Feliz pitched in a minor league game yesterday, with the Rangers wanting to see how he handled pitching in back-to-back games.

Despite hitting .231 for the spring, Elvis Andrus says he isn't worried about his offense.

Kevin Sherrington writes about Scott Feldman's arm slot journey, from sidearm to more traditional.

Gil LeBreton has a column about Ron Washington.

And the S-T has a weird story about Gary Pettis, Nelson Cruz, and their battle over gloves.