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2010 Community Projections -- Michael Young

Okay, folks, time for the 2010 community projections.  I had been trying to delay starting them until Ben actually did the comparisons of last year's projections to the final results -- something that he's been promising me since Halloween he'd be doing "tonight" or "this weekend" -- but I figure if I wait for that, it will probably be time to do the 2011 projections...

Anyway, you vets know the drill.  For you new folks, here are the rules -- provide your guess as to plate appearances, average, OBP and slugging percentage for the player listed in PA/AVG/OBP/SLG format.

We'll ultimately tabulate the projections for each player, and come up with a community average projection.  And we'll do this for each regular position player, before moving on to doing projections with the pitchers.

A few important points:

No commentary.  Don't reply to other people's projections and say how stupid or smart they are.  If you want to discuss the projections, open up a FanPost for discussion of that player's projections.

DO NOT include guesses for home runs, RBIs, steals, etc.  Only give your projections in the format listed above.  If you want to do more detailed projections, do it in the FanPost I just mentioned.  Otherwise, it makes tabulating the data too messy.

And we are asking for plate appearances, not ABs.

So...kicking it off, we have Michael Young.  Everyone offer your projections for his 2010 performance in the comments below...