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Monday morning Rangers things

Rain yesterday means not being able to obsess over the meaning of one more tiny sample size chunk of data, at least for another day...

Josh Hamilton is going to play today, though it is unclear whether it will be in the "B" game or the regular game.

Evan Grant has his latest projection of what he thinks the Opening Day roster will look like, with one change from the last version.

Jeff Wilson has a story up about Colby Lewis, and how he's a different pitcher now than he was when he was with the Rangers previously.

Randy Galloway also has a column on Lewis, noting that the Oakland A's and the Minnesota Twins made Lewis about the same offer contract-wise as the Rangers, with a spot in the rotation guaranteed.  Galloway suggests that if the A's and Twins, two teams with a reputation for knowing what they are doing with pitchers, both liked Lewis that much, that bodes well for the Rangers.

T.R. Sullivan writes about Derek Holland battling this spring for a spot in the rotation.

Richard Durrett takes a look at pitching coach Mike Maddux.