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April Fools Day Rangers things

First, let me be clear...I don't do April Fools Day.  I find this day irritating because I can never know what breaking stories are real, and what is just some sophomoric gag.  I'm not going to have some big, elaborate April Fools Day hoax post.  I prefer my hoax posts to be mixed in out of the blue.

So anyway...yesterday, Rich Harden had issues again, and I'm officially concerned.  Harden says he's ready to go for the regular season, and in a familiar refrain, Ron Washington says Harden was leaving his pitches up.  That's been the issue all spring with Harden, and I'm worried about whether he's just going to be able to fix that when the lights go on.

Kevin Sherrington writes that Harden is not getting good reviews from outside observers.

T.R. Sullivan has some notes, including Ian Kinsler saying he will start the season on the disabled list.  There's also news on Chris Ray and Darren O'Day's performances in a spring game.

Jeff Wilson has a story up about the Rangers working to finalize the roster.

Randy Galloway has a column with a bunch of quotes from Nolan Ryan.