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On the one hand, you can't expect to win a game when you only score 1 run.  And you aren't going to win many games win you only score 3 runs.

But on the other hand, the Rangers were in position to do exactly that, and their closer blew both those games, in ugly fashion.

This team considers itself a contender, and could well be 4-1 right now.  Evan Grant, in his chat session this afternoon, said the Rangers could have a closer controversy looming now.

I don't see that there's going to be much controversy.  Frank Francisco isnt going to be the closer after today.  I just see no way that the Rangers can send him back out there in the 9th inning with a lead again anytime soon.

Whether the closer is going to be Neftali Feliz, or Chris Ray, or Darren Oliver, I don't know.  But the next time there's a save situation, I just cannot imagine that it will be Frankie taking the mound in the 9th.