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Happy birthday, Chris Welsh

Happy birthday to Chris Welsh, who turns 55 today.

Welsh was a lefthanded pitcher who spent most of his major league career with the Padres, who got him in a package deal (along with Tim Lollar and Ruppert Jones) for centerfielder Jerry Mumphrey.

Welsh was acquired by the Rangers from the Montreal Expos prior to the 1985 season in exchange for Dave Hostetler, and had a decent season as a swingman before being released at year's end.  Welsh started 24 games for the Cincinnati Reds in 1986, and then was done as a major leaguer, although he's been doing color for the Reds games on Fox Sports for almost 20 years now.

Today was a good day to be born, if you wanted to be a baseball player...also born today were Pete Rose, David Justice, Brad Ausmus, Greg Maddux, and Steve Avery...