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This is why I don't like day games.  Now I have to think about the loss for the next 12 hours.

There were complaints in the Game Day Thread about leaving Matt Harrison in to face Shin-Soo Choo, but I don't understand why.  I would have left him in to face the first three hitters in the eighth -- switch hitter, lefty, lefty.  Choo has significant platoon splits.  You want a lefty facing him there.

And Harrison should have been facing him with two outs, not with two on and none out.  It isn't like you can use the "you can't let him face the go-ahead run because he's struggling" argument there.

It was the right decision by Ron Washington.  It just didn't work this time.

That being said, the Rangers scored two runs and had just four hits and a walk all game.  You can't get five baserunners in 9 innings, and then blame the pitching staff (or the defense) for the loss.  If you only score two runs against David Huff, you deserve to lose.