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Friday morning Rangers things

Bleah.  Yesterday's game still is unpleasant to think about.

Jeff Wilson's game story looks at three players -- Michael Young, Elvis Andrus, and Matt Harrison -- who made mistakes that led to the game being blown in the 8th yesterday.

Richard Durrett has his post-game thoughts on the game up at the ESPN Dallas blog.

Gerry Fraley did a chat during the game yesterday.  He liked having Elvis bunt with a runner on first and no one out in the sixth, and he likes Cowboy Joe West, among other things.

Andrus hit leadoff yesterday for the first time in his major league career.

The S-T's notes include updates on the stomach bug stricken Rangers, along with the news that Neftali Feliz apparently may not have been available to pitch yesterday.  That certainly would have played into the decision to let Matt Harrison pitch the 8th...

Durrett thinks Young is primed to get on a hot streak.

Evan Grant writes about the efforts the Rangers have made to improve their starting pitching, and says this coming six game stretch at New York and Boston will be illustrative in regards to how good the starters really are.

And Jeff Wilson has a new mailbag column up at the S-T website.