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Friday morning Rangers stuff

Last game of the Cactus League season, and the Rangers lose, although Ron Washington says he was pleased that the offensive regulars swung the bats well.

Anthony Andro writes about yesterday's waiver claim, Ryan Garko, who Andro calls the final piece to the Rangers' roster.

Evan Grant says that the additions of Garko and Andres Blanco give the Rangers a bench that is worthy of a playoff contender.

Gil LeBreton has a column up on the Rangers' pursuit of Mike Lowell and their ultimate decision to claim Garko.  According to LeBreton, the Red Sox decided this spring they wanted something better in return for Lowell than Max Ramirez, which helped quash the Rangers' interest in dealing for him.

In other roster-related issues, Ian Kinsler will start the season on the disabled list, and Doug Mathis will be in the bullpen.

The S-T notes also mention that the Blue Jays' starters for the first three games of the season (against the Rangers, of course) will be Shaun Marcum on Opening Day, and then lefties Brian Tallet and Ricky Romero.  It will be interesting to see if Ron Washington goes with a straight platoon at first base, which would mean Chris Davis would sit and Ryan Garko would play the second and third games of the season, or if Davis will start one or both of those games.

Jesse Sanchez writes that Frank Francisco wants to stay with the Rangers after 2010.  Francisco is a free agent, of course, at the end of the season.

Kevin Sherrington writes that the Rangers have a bad history when it comes to managers.

And Darren O'Day has his latest blog entry up.