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Happy birthday, Pete Incaviglia

Happy birthday to Pete Incaviglia, who turns 46 today.

Inky was a first round draft choice of the Montreal Expos in 1985, but wouldn't sign with them unless they assured him he could start the season in the major leagues.  New Ranger g.m. Tom Grieve ended up working out a deal with the Expos where they signed Incaviglia (you couldn't sign unsigned draft picks) and then traded him to Texas for Bob Sebra and Jim Anderson.  This resulted in the league passing the Pete Incaviglia Rule, which prohibits teams from trading a draftee until a year after he signs.

Inky was a power hitter who struck out a lot and didn't walk, resulting in lots of homers and a mediocre OBP.  After his first three seasons in the league, he started to regress, and the Rangers ended up releasing him before the 1991 season.  He bounced around for a while after that, ending up on the Phillies 1993 National League champion team, and currently manages in the independent leagues.