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At Least Neftali Feliz is Rested

As of tomorrow, it will have been a week since Neftali Feliz has pitched. 

I remember when he was a reliever, and Feliz could be used for two innings if need be.

But we can't do that now.  Now, Neftali Feliz is The Closer.  You only use The Closer in a save situation, and only for an inning at a time, apparently.

The decision not to bring in Feliz -- who was warming -- once the tying run came to the plate in the 8th is baffling.

He's been used for more than one inning before.  He hasn't pitched in six days.  You're in a situation where your team is in a tailspin and needs a win.

Why don't you bring your best reliever in the game for six outs?

On the plus side, if the Rangers continue to lose games, we won't have to worry so much about the issue of "how is Neftali Feliz going to work on his secondary pitches," because if we are out of the race by Memorial Day again, there's no need for Feliz to be the closer.  He can go back to the minors and get stretched out as a starter.