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A few more angry thoughts

This game epitomizes what it seems to be to be a Ranger fan.  Because hey, we stole 9 bases, that counts for something, right?

It is like the Josh Hamilton Home Run Derby nonsense, where a meaningless performance as part of a meaningless precursor to a meaningless exhibition was treated like Reggie's 3 homer game in the World Series.  Topped off by the fact Hamilton didn't even win the stupid Home Run Derby anyway.

Same thing here.  The Rangers stole 9 bases, and it is as if the game became about how many steals can the team rack up...then once Tim Wakefield left the game, we couldn't steal a bunch of bases anymore, and the game became boring, and the air just went out of everything...

It almost is as if -- and I realize this probably isn't really the case, but it just feels this way -- the team started acting like it was 10-2, instead of 6-2, and was about padding stats and playing out the string.  While Boston, in the meantime, didn't quit.

Meanwhile, Anaheim and Seattle, who we were gloating because they got off to such lousy starts, are likely going to be two games in front of Texas tomorrow morning.

But that's not even the worst part.

You know what the worst part is?

If Texas loses again tomorrow, and Houston wins, the Rangers and the Astros will have the same record.

The Astros, who were the laughingstock of the league for falling on their face out of the gates.

And as a sidenote...our cleanup hitter has as many home runs this season as he has steals of third base.  Since homering in game 2 of the season, Vladimir Guerrero has one XBH -- a double.

I'm really foul right now.