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Thursday a.m. Rangers stuff

Just another day as a Rangers fan...

Evan Grant has his post-game thoughts from the game at the Rangers blog.

Jeff Wilson's game story talks about Julio Borbon being in the middle of the two key plays of the game, the double play at home plate when Borbon was erroneously determined by the home plate umpire to have not touched home, and the fly ball in the 11th that Marco Scutaro advanced to second base on.

Borbon took responsibility for the latter play, saying that Scutaro caught him off guard by advancing.

Richard Durrett has post-game comments from the clubhouse at the ESPN Dallas blog.

Ian Kinsler will be DHing in an extended spring game today, and the timetable appears to be for him to work in Arizona the rest of the week, and then do a rehab stint at the beginning of next week at Frisco or Oklahoma.

Jon Daniels says neither Derek Holland nor C.J. Wilson will be going to the bullpen, despite the pen's recent issues and the need for another lefty out there.

On the Rangers sale front, per Jeff Wilson's story in the S-T today, Tom Hicks has apparently been continuing to work with Jim Crane about selling the Rangers to him, rather than to the Greenberg/Ryan group, and according to Wilson, continued to negotiate with Crane during the 30 day exclusive period that Greenberg/Ryan had.

If Hicks thinks he can cut a deal with Crane that would potentially leave him with more money and (more importantly I suspect) more involvement with the Rangers than he'd have under the current deal, then the decision to go public and say and do things to try to screw up the Greenberg/Ryan bid would make a lot more sense.