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Friday morning Rangers things

A lot of excitement last night for Rangers fans.

A win to end a very disappointing road trip, and even in yesterday's victory, the bats didn't do was C.J. Wilson and the bullpen doing the heavy lifting, shutting out Boston as part of a 3-0 win.

Jeff Wilson's game story talks about the unlikely heroes in yesterday's game.  Richard Durrett's post game thoughts are available here

Evan Grant writes that Neftali Feliz was not available last night, after he had problems getting loose.  So apparently, my praise of Ron Washington for doing the unconventional thing and sticking with Darren Oliver in the 9th, rather than going to Feliz, was not warranted, since Feliz didn't pitch because he wasn't available, not because of the manager's decision.

And, as everyone knows by now, there will be a new first baseman today, with Justin Smoak being called up to replace Chris DavisJon Daniels talks about the reasoning behind the move, explaining that the offense isn't performing and the team needs a spark.

Evan Grant has a story up today about Tom Hicks, the Rangers, and MLB, saying that Hicks at this point is the owner in name only, and that the sales process is being held up at this point because of a game of chicken between MLB and Monarch over how much Monarch is going to get from the sale.

Jeff Wilson has some notes, which includes a discussion of Josh Hamilton, who seems to be getting back on track, and an Ian Kinsler update.