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Evan Grant newsletter is up

Evan Grant has a new newsletter up (actually, it went up earlier in the week, but I didn't find it until now), that covers a variety of issues, including some Marcus Lemon love...

However, the particular reader comment in there that caught my eye and that I wanted to speak to is this:

Will manager Ron Washington and hitting instructor Clint Hurdle make it until May at their current positions? It also appears Rudy Jaramillo was not the problem with the offense.

I've seen this and heard this a lot the first few weeks of the season, and it is, I think, the very definition of a strawman argument.

I don't think anyone said that Rudy Jaramillo was the reason the Rangers' offense struggled last year.  People -- including me -- did suggest that it may be that Jaramillo might not be the best fit for what the Rangers were looking for, particularly given the particular weaknesses of this team.  But I don't think anyone, other than possibly a handful of nuts, ever said that Rudy Jaramillo was the problem.

And I wish people would quit throwing out this hackneyed, oh-so-clever comment about the hitting coach situation.