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Sunday a.m. Rangers stuff


What an annoying game last night.

Anthony Andro's game story talks about Scott Feldman's struggles, and his inability to get out of the fourth inning.

Meanwhile, Derek Holland, who continues to pitch well in Oklahoma, is a topic of discussion this morning.  Jeff Wilson says that Holland could be up and in the rotation before too long if the team continues to struggle, and while he mentions Rich Harden as a possible casualty, he suggests another possibility that seems more likely -- Matt Harrison going to the bullpen as the second lefty, with Holland replacing him in the rotation.

The Rangers' website, meanwhile, says in their notes today that there's been no discussion of Holland replacing Harden.

I talked about my thoughts on a Holland for Harden swap yesterday, so I won't belabor it, other than to clarify that if Harden is injured, I'm not advocating continuing to run him out there.

Evan Grant writes that the changes that have been made by the team less than three weeks into the season reflect the expectations that the organization has.  I would suggest it also reflects a certain urgency for results among folks whose jobs could be in jeopardy if the Rangers aren't a legit playoff contender this year.

Ian Kinsler is going to start a rehab assignment on Monday with Frisco, and hopefully, we'll see him by this coming weekend.