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Jermaine Dye on Jermaine Dye

The Chicago Sun-Times has a story today about how the ChiSox should bring Jermaine Dye back.  Dye has been the subject of some controversy because he hasn't been signed, andit has been suggested that his race is a contributing factor.However, Dye's own words say a lot:

"I can DH, play the outfield and play some first base,'' he said. ''I still don't want to be just a DH, but I can play there at times.''

* * *

''I'm not going to a bad team, and I'm not playing for $1.5million,'' Dye said.

So.  We have a 36 year old player who had a 793 OPS last season, and who was horrible after the All Star Break.

He says he can play the outfield, but the reality is, he's really limited to right field.  He doesn't have the range to play center field or left field, and really, he's a huge defensive liability in right, having a UZR/150 of -20 or worse each of the last four years, and a DRS the past four years ranging from -6 to -24.

He says he can play "some" first base, which implies he's worse at it than he is in right field, where he's terrible.  And he hasn't played there in the majors since 2005, when he had a cameo appearance at first base.

He doesn't want to DH, but would grudgingly do it "at times," if he had to.

And he doesn't want to go to a bad team.

And he wants to be paid more than $1.5 million.

Given all this, I don't think anyone should be wondering why Dye is still unemployed.