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Opening Day Rangers stuff

It's finally here.

I'm fired up.

Scott Feldman is the Opening Day starter, and Gil LeBreton says that's the right decision.  I kind of think that part of the reasoning is that, while Rich Harden is more likely to pitch a three hit shutout on Opening Day, he's also more likely to have a Ho-esque blowup that results in him leaving in the third with an injury, whereas Feldman should be boring and predictable.  I think the last thing this team wants to do is have Doug Mathis out there in the fourth, down 7-1, on Opening Day, and Feldman minimizes that risk.

The S-T notes mention that Jarrod Saltalamacchia will be getting the start behind the plate, and both Elvis Andrus and Darren O'Day, who have been slowed by injuries, are good to go for today.

Jeff Wilson has a story about Ron Washington, and the situation he finds himself in, with embarrassing revelations coming out this spring after he had his most successful season. 

Jean-Jacques Taylor has a column about the questions in the Rangers' rotation.

The DMN blog has a roundup of predictions involving the Rangers from national sources.

David Pinto has his AL West preview, and has the Rangers clearly a notch below Seattle and Anaheim.