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Tuesday a.m. Rangers things

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The day after Opening Day always kind of sucks, because of the bizarre tradition of scheduling an off day on the second day of the season. 

But sitting through the off day is a lot better after an Opening Day win, when you are anxious to see your team get back on the field and try to make it two in a row, than after a loss, when you have 48 hours to brood about the crappy start to the season.

Jeff Wilson's game story from yesterday talks about the bats finally coming to life against Shaun Marcum, who entered the 7th with a no-hitter going. 

What was particularly maddening about yesterday is that, after all the happy talk this spring about the changed approach and how the offense is going to be better than last year, through six innings, it was like 2009 all over again.  Marcum kept going to his change-up, and the Rangers kept swinging through it, much like last year, when it seemed like every time a Ranger hitter got to 3-2, he'd end up whiffing on a change.

Tom Grieve kept talking about how this was just an instance of a pitcher having great stuff and shutting down a strong offense, but it seems like we heard that refrain a lot last year, as well.  I'd really like to see the offense step it up the next two games against Brian Tallet and Ricky Opening Day that featured 6 hits and 2 walks from the offense is not encouraging.

Evan Grant says that the offense battled back and showed resilience, along with a better approach with two strikes.  Grant notes that last year's club was 28th in the majors in OBP once there were two strikes, a big issue that Clint Hurdle has been working with the hitters on.

T.R. Sullivan also has his game story up at the Rangers website.

Richard Durrett notes that, lost in the excitement of the walk-off win, Darren Oliver had a pretty huge 2010 season debut, coming in with the bases loaded and one out in relief of Neftali Feliz, and getting out of the jam with no more damage done. 

Scott Feldman says he was a little "fastball happy" early in the game, but started throwing all his pitches as the game went on, leading to increased success while keeping the Blue Jays from extending the lead any farther.

The S-T's notes include a mention of how long-time Ranger nemesis Vladimir Guerrero got a rousing ovation from the home crowd.

Kevin Sherrington has a column up on yesterday's home opener.  Ditto Randy Galloway.

Off the field, Sullivan writes that Ian Kinsler is "not close" to being ready to return.  The plan is for him to go on a rehab assignment once he's ready to play, and he's apparently still a ways away from that point.

And Anthony Andro says that Chuck Greenberg isn't worried about the delay in getting the Rangers' sale done.