lets hold our collective horses

So I don't know if you heard this or not, but apparently "It's time."

Which is kind of funny how the Rangers are almost saying "yeah we essentially just goofed around the past 40ish years, and now we actually are gonna try to win." Regardless of what time it is, the Rangers fanbase, and the organization feel that we/they are on the cusp of a great couple of seasons with alot of talent, and some winning baseball in north Texas. As a diehard Rangers fan who has only fleeting memories of the last time the Rangers were in the playoffs (I was 7) I too desperately want to see the team win, and I too feel that this team has enough talent to win.

However, when I've come to the site the lately, the GDT's are rather negative. like, almost over the top. so lets not forget a couple key things.

A) This is the youngest team in baseball (almost)

B) This year may not be the year, it could be in two or three years when Feliz, Holland, and Smoak are entering their primes


So just to make it clear, I feel, like I'm sure most of ya'll do, that this team has more upside potential than it has in some time. Also, the Angels, Mariners, and A's don't appear all that frightening. So yes, this is a golden oppurtunity, but the Rangers window is just now opening.

Just for proof i went back and looked at the standings in baseball for last year on May 1st, then compared them to the standings on October 1st two days before the last game was played. The Record after 30-ish games and the record after 159-ish games

The A's went from 18-12 to 79-84 The Yankees went from 14-16 to 102-57 The Diamond backs started out 20-8 and finished the year 68-91
The Rockies went from 11-17 to 91-68