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Thursday morning Rangers things

Jeff Wilson's game story talks about the poor job the Ranger pitchers did last night in terms of throwing strikes, and ends with this pretty good summation by Ron Washington:

"We got back in the game, and then Vernon Wells showed up again," manager Ron Washington said. "We walked 10 tonight, and hit two. That's 12. You're not going to win too many games doing that."

T.R. Sullivan's game story has a quote from Rich Harden talking about how throwing lots of pitches and not getting the ball in play makes things tougher on the defense.

Evan Grant has some bullet point observations from the first couple of games.

Richard Durrett also offers his thoughts.

C.J. Wilson gets his chance this afternoon to show the Rangers made the right decision in moving him to the rotation.

Ian Kinsler's ankle is continuing to be a problem...not only will he not play on this homestand, him returning for the road trip the following week appears to be in doubt, as well.

The Rangers website has some notes up about, among other things, Neftali Feliz, Taylor Teagarden, and the rotation.

Randy Galloway has a column up about the Rangers being in the bottom in payroll, Tom Hicks sucks, what happened to the $30 million the Rangers should have gotten in revenue sharing last year, etc. etc. etc.