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Stats of the night

The Rangers have 16 hits so far this season.

Vladimir Guerrero has 7 hits.  Nelson Cruz has 4 hits.

The rest of the team is 5 for 74 with 7 walks, and no one other than Cruz and Vlad have more than one hit.

The Rangers have 8 RBIs on the season.  Nelson Cruz has 5 of them. 

The 9-1-2-3 hitters are a combined 2 for 40.

Evan Grant has this note about situational hitting in his post-game notes:

Um, on the situational hitting front: The Rangers are 0-for-18 with runners in scoring position over the last two games. That's not going to win you any games, regardless of how well the starter or the bullpen pitches.

The problem is, the past two games, without RISP, the Rangers are 10 for 46 -- a .217 average.  The problem isn't situational hitting -- it is hitting, period.  The Rangers aren't doing it.