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Saturday a.m. Rangers things

Well, that was something else last night.

Jeff Wilson's game story and T.R. Sullivan's game story are all about Colby Lewis's performance last night.  Colby is now 6th in the A.L. in FIP and 8th in xFIP.

Not bad for a guy whose signing caused a bunch of grousing about how he hadn't done anything worth guaranteeing him a spot in the Rangers' rotation. 

Evan Grant has his post-game thoughts up.  He's not impressed with the baseball i.q. of Eric Byrnes.

Richard Durrett has quotes and notes from the clubhouse

I am still sitting here this morning wondering why, with a righthander on the mound and a runner on first (and then on second), Ron Washington let Craig Gentry hit, instead of having David Murphy or Julio Borbon pinch hit.  I may have missed it, but I don't think there's any explanation from Washington about that peculiar non-move this morning.

Ian Kinsler is back in the lineup, although he's still dealing with pain from his ankle.

Sullivan has some notes up, with Ron Washington talking about the bullpen having gotten "out of whack," and the need to get back to using relievers in their specific roles.  Ron Washington, as anyone who has followed the team the past few years is aware, is very big on relievers having specific roles. 

Washington says he still has confidence in the bullpen, despite their recent struggles.