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The Uniqueness of Elvis Andrus's 2009 Season

Earlier this week, I wrote about the possibility of Elvis Andrus drawing 80 walks this year, and how rare that is for a player of his age.

Playing around with the B-R season finder, though, I discovered that Elvis Andrus's 2009 season was enough to put him in some pretty rarified company.

Elvis had an OPS+ of 82 last season.  Well below average, to be sure. 

However, it was the 8th best OPS+ for any 20 year old (or younger) major leaguer playing at least 100 games at shortstop.

Only 9 players have posted an OPS+ of at least 70 (which sets the bar fairly low) while playing at least 100 games at shortstop in his age 20 (or younger) season.

Robin Yount did it 3 times.  He's in the Hall of Fame.

Edgar Renteria did it twice.  He's a five time All Star.

Alex Rodriguez did it.  He's the second best shortstop of all time, and will be in the Hall of Fame.

Arky Vaughan did it.  He's in the Hall of Fame, and probably the third or fourth best shortstop of all time.

Alan Trammel did it.  He's not in the Hall of Fame, but he should be.

Travis Jackson did it.  He's in the Hall of Fame, although he probably shouldn't be.  But he was a damn good player.

Cass Michael did it in 1945, when the majors were so decimated by WWII that a one-armed outfielder got regular playing time.

Whitey Witt did it in 1916. 

And Elvis Andrus did it.

The more I look at Elvis Andrus, the more I compare what he's done in the majors to others in history, the more I start to think that we are taking him for granted, and not appreciating how remarkable he really is.