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MLB, NFL, and PED Hypocrisy -- The Topper

The AP decided to have a re-vote on NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year, after it was revealed that Brian Cushing, who originally won, was being suspended for PEDs.

The winner in the re-vote?

Brian Cushing.

Again...imagine if this happened with MLB. 

Mark McGwire, who never tested positive for anything or was suspended for using, is blackballed from the Hall of Fame because of PED use.

Brian Cushing gets rewarded.

UPDATE -- Richard Justice gets it:

You care when baseball players cheat. You jump up and down and hold your breath and say you'll never go to another game. You say cheating ruined baseball.

But the NFL gets a free pass. Maybe it's because you're never allowed to know NFL players. Their access to fans and media is tightly controlled. They wear helmets. And the NFL is so violent, so filled with broken bones and torn ligaments and spinal injuries and concussions, that you've become de-sensititized to the ethics of cheating.

So Cushing won an endorsement of his cheating on Wednesday. With that vote, a message went forth to every NFL player: do what you have to do because those of us in the media simply don't care.