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Thursday a.m. Rangers stuff

Stephen Strasburg pitched 6 no hit innings last night, walking 1 and striking out 7, in AAA.

That story has people fired up and talking about Strasburg.

Derek Holland pitched 6 innings last night, giving up 5 hits, walking 1 and striking out 7, in the majors, against a team tied for first place, in a great hitter's park where five homers were hit last night.

Which is more impressive?

Anthony Andro writes that Holland was dominant last night, but dominance wasn't necessarily necessary, as the Ranger bats came alive and put 10 runs up on the board.

Evan Grant has praise for the way Derek Holland mixed his pitches last night.

T.R. Sullivan's game story suggests that Matt Harrison, who Holland replaced in the rotation, could meet the same fate as Tommy Hunter, losing a spot in the rotation due to injury and never getting it back.

Sullivan also talks about the controversial balk call from last night, where Ian Kinsler was going to steal home, and that resulted in him getting buzzed later in the game.

Sullivan's notes indicate Nelson Cruz is expected back on Friday.

William Wilkerson has a story up on the potential implication of bankruptcy for the Rangers' creditors.