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A Joe Posnanski article you should read

This is a terrific piece by Joe Posnanski, that I think serious baseball fans should read.

And I was debating whether or not to link it, in part because of the inevitable "not another Posnanski link" responses, and in part because it deals with the recent managerial change in Kansas City, which involves an individual which everyone here (including me) is tired of hearing about.

However...the reason why I think it is worth reading is that it isn't about this managerial change, in particular, but talks about major league culture and why it is hard for someone who has never been involved with the game on the major league level beforehand to succeed as a manager. 

I think it is really insightful, and addresses an area that I think a lot of us hear about and know about nebulously, but don't really understand, in terms of clubhouse dynamics and commanding the respect of those you are in charge of managing.

Even if you are tired of hearing about that particular manager, I'd encourage you to read the article, because it is not so much about this particular manager as it is about the pitfalls that are involved with bringing someone into a major league clubhouse when they haven't been there before.