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Saturday a.m. Rangers things

What an ugly pitching exhibition yesterday's game was.

In Anthony Andro's game story, Rich Harden calls his out "embarrassing" and says he just couldn't keep the ball down. 

A move is coming to bring up another pitcher, possibly two guys, I'd think.  Doug Mathis is almost certainly being optioned, and while I suggested last night Harden could be headed to the d.l., there's another possibility.  Joaquin Arias was supposed to be activated today...however, instead of activating Arias, who would replace Craig Gentry, the Rangers could activate a second pitcher for today's game, then, assuming Scott Feldman gives you some innings and doesn't leave the pen wiped out again, send the second pitcher back down on Sunday and activate Arias.

Feldman is trying to get back to his 2009 form, Andro writes.

The S-T's notes mention that the middle of the Rangers' order is now together again, with Nelson Cruz being activated, while Joaquin Arias is apparently going to be the backup first baseman for the Rangers.  Seriously.