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On the Rangers inquiring about A.J. Pierzynski

So, there's a report out of Chicago that the Rangers have inquired about the availability of A.J. Pierzynski.

This will, no doubt, generate a bunch of discussion for the next few news cycles.

But it shouldn't.

I suspect that the Rangers have inquired about the availability of most of the catchers out there who could conceivably be on the market between now and July 31.

I suspect they've inquired about the availability of Victor Martinez, Russell Martin, Rod Barajas, John Buck, and any number of other potential trade deadline acquisitions.

The Rangers are a playoff contender that has, as of right now, a gaping hole at catcher.  They may fill it from within, if Jarrod Saltalamacchia gets his throwing to the pitcher issues back under control, or if Taylor Teagarden shows he can hit .200.  More likely, at this point, they're going to be shopping for someone in June or July.

This is to be expected.  The fact that a Chicago paper is running with this news indicates, I suspect, nothing more than that someone in the Chicago front office wanted it to be known that there's interest in Pierzynski.

When we start hearing that there are serious discussions about the Rangers acquiring Pierzynski, we might want to pay attention.

That fact that an inquiry has been made, though, isn't worth worrying about right now.