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Sunday a.m. Rangers things

So, the five game winning stream came to an end last night.  The Rangers are still in first place, still have a decent sized lead on Oakland and Anaheim.  Nonetheless, it would be a very good thing to close out this series with a win today...

Anthony Andro's game story talks about the Rangers being victimized by lefty pinch hitters as a result of the decision to only have one lefthander in the bullpen.

C.J. Wilson takes the mound today, and Evan Grant has a story about the tests C.J. needs to pass to establish himself as an elite starter.

Andro writes that Julio Borbon is almost certainly going to start against righthanders going forward, despite his recent spate of benchings against lefties.

Of course, as we've discussed before, the problem with sitting Borbon against lefties is that it means David Murphy plays, and he can't hit lefties, either.  The lack of a righthanded OF/1B option is a big problem in this team's roster construction, and I again have to wonder why Brandon Boggs isn't up here instead of Joaquin Arias.

Jeff Wilson has a story about Mike Maddux's mound visits.

Andro has some notes up that include the news that Matt Harrison is expected to go on a rehab assignment and pitch on Monday and Wednesday.  He says that the Rangers still haven't decided if he'll go to the bullpen or to the rotation, but with Tommy Hunter back and Harrison apparently working twice in three days, the signs suggest he's going to be pitching in relief.