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Monday morning Rangers stuff

Jeff Wilson's game story this morning takes a positive look at the homestand just completed, with the Rangers going 5-2 despite dropping the final two games to the Cubs this weekend.

Evan Grant, in his post-game notes, points out that the Rangers have had chances to win the past two games and failed to execute, most notably yesterday when Ian Kinsler got a 2-0 fastball down the middle with runners on second and third, one out, and the Rangers down one, and popped it up.

Grant also reports that Ron Washington said he didn't have Max Ramirez pinch hit for Julio Borbon in the 8th because he felt that Lou Piniella would then counter with Carlos Marmol, who was warming up.

Two things here.  First, if you are going to go lefty-on-lefty, I'm not sure you wouldn't be better off leaving Borbon in the game, given that he had two hits in the game and has the speed to beat something out, particularly since David Murphy came into the game with a 650 career OPS against lefthanders.

Secondly, though...why not force Piniella to make the move?  Yes, Marmol is the closer and he's awesome, but he also walks guys, and Max Ramirez has a good eye.  Ramirez is also a lot more likely to give you the lead with one swing than Murphy is.  And even if Max doesn't do anything against Marmol, you are forcing Marmol to go more than one inning, throw more pitches, get him out of his one inning save comfort zone.

Maybe it wouldn't matter...but given that Max Ramirez was going to have to come into the game anyway, since Matt Treanor was pulled that inning for a pinch runner, it makes more sense to have him hit in that situation, whether it is against Marmol or against Sean Marshall.

Anthony Andro, in his notes for the S-T, says that Matt Harrison will be in the bullpen once he's ready to come off the disabled list, giving the Rangers a second lefty for the bullpen.

Andro also writes that the bullpen can use the upcoming offdays -- three in the next eight days.

Jeff Caplan writes that Justin Smoak's offensive struggles are testing the Rangers' patience.