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Tuesday a.m. Rangers stuff

So, the bankruptcy is the big story today...

Jeff Wilson writes that some believe that this could make it harder for sports teams to obtain financing in the future, and goes into some of the details of the disputes between HSG and the lenders.

Anthony Andro writes that the bankruptcy filing will not impact the team's day to day operations.

Evan Grant says that filing for bankruptcy hopefully expedites the ownership changeover, which means more money being able to be spent signing draft picks and adding players at the trade deadline.

The S-T has a story on the bankruptcy with a list of the team's unsecured creditors, all of whom are supposed to be paid in full.

Evan Grant has a FAQ about the bankruptcy and what it means.

Jennifer Floyd Engel says that this is the best thing for the team to get the deal done.

Tim Cowlishaw wonders how the team ended up in a situation where bankruptcy was the best way to go.

In non-bankruptcy news, Nelson Cruz was named A.L. Player of the Week, and Vladimir Guerrero is leading the All Star balloting at DH.