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Saturday morning Rangers things

My power went out last night in the middle of the game, and didn't come back on until after midnight.

Sounds like it was just as well.

The headline for Jeff Wilson's game story is, "Justin Smoak leaves Rangers stranded in loss to Twins."  Which pretty much tells you where the focus is, in terms of the current struggles of the Rangers offense.  When Smoak first came up, he wasn't hitting for average, but he was hitting line drives and having good at bats, and I felt confident he'd get it going shortly.  However, he seems to have gone backwards over the last 10 days to two weeks.

T.R. Sullivan's game story also features Smoak in the headline, and points out that the Rangers are now just a half-game up on Oakland.

Nelson Cruz pinch hit last night for Julio Borbon in a bases-loaded, two out, lefty on the mound situation.  It cost the Rangers their DH, but under the circumstances, it was the right move.  It also didn't work.

Cruz is apparently going to stay off the disabled list, and Matt Harrison will be activated today, with Guillermo Moscoso heading to the minors.