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Memorial Day Rangers things

Let's see...

The Rangers have been swept in Minnesota, and have lost 6 of 7.

They have fallen out of first place.

Nelson Cruz has been placed on the disabled list.

Derek Holland appears likely to join him.

I'd say this is the low point of the season.

Jeff Wilson's game story is about Derek Holland having a sore shoulder, and heading back to Texas to see Dr. Meister.  Tommy Hunter is set to start today for Oklahoma, and he'd be set to pitch on normal rest on Saturday when Holland's spot comes back around.

T.R. Sullivan's game story says the Ranger rotation is out of whack.

Wilson's notes include discussion of Cruz's trip to the d.l.

Gerry Fraley has some notes from yesterday's game, including the news that the Rangers have a .336 slugging percentage on the road this year.