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Tuesday a.m. Rangers things

So...where in the world has that Rich Harden been all year?

Jeff Wilson's game story says that Rich Harden stopped thinking and just threw out there yesterday.  T.R. Sullivan writes in his game story that Harden felt like his old self last night.

Evan Grant, in his post-game notes, points out that Harden is undefeated in his career when he doesn't walk a batter.

Richard Durrett offers his thoughts on the game here

Tim Cowlishaw, on his blog, lists 10 things to love about the Rangers right now.

Sullivan's notes include an update on Nelson Cruz, who is progressing well and who, it sounds like, should be able to be activated when his 15 days is up, and on Michael Young, who took extra infield yesterday.

The S-T's notes mention that Ron Washington worked with Justin Smoak on his scooping of throws at first base yesterday.

Washington got ejected yesterday on a controversial call where the umpires originally called a runner at first out, but then said Rich Harden missed the bag.  Durrett has a couple of quotes from Joe West, but basically, the umpires got together and decided that the original call was wrong.

Jeff Wilson has a piece up about Elvis Andrus, and how awesome he is.

Jarrod Saltalamacchia and Chris Davis are both mashing the ball in AAA.  When asked if Salty will be recalled on Friday, the first day he's eligible to return from the minors, Jon Daniels said that they'll let everyone know on Friday. 

My gut feeling is that the Rangers need a healthy, productive Jarrod Saltalamacchia back in the majors, and that if his back is holding up and he's throwing the ball back to the pitcher okay, he'll return on Friday and Max Ramirez will head back down.