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I can't get too upset about this loss.

The Rangers won 4 in a row on the road.

Scott Feldman had nothing today, and yet the Rangers still had the tying run at 2nd with no one out in the 9th.

And despite the complaints, I don't have an issue with Julio Borbon not trying to bunt the runner from 2nd to 3rd with no one out in the 9th.

Borbon has a good chance of pulling the ball on the ground, which would advance the runner.

And I suspect that the chances of Borbon getting on base were about the same as the chances of Elvis putting a ball in play that would not be a hit, but which would score the runner.

Elvis ended up grounding out to shortstop, and if Craig Gentry had been at third base rather than second, I have a hard time saying that he'd have scored.

Anyway...disappointing, but the Rangers are still in position to win the series tomorrow.