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An Update on the Rangers' Advanced Defensive Stats

FanGraphs has updated defensive stats up today, through (it appears) yesterday's games.

We're still dealing with a sample size for the season that makes it very difficult to draw too many conclusions, but it is interesting to look at.

You can see the Rangers' stats here.

Of note...

1)  Nelson Cruz has the highest UZR of any player in baseball.  His Defensive Runs Saved (DRS) has him at above-average, but not quite so high...still, the early returns are consistent with last year's numbers, which reflected Cruz performed at an elite level defensively.

2)  DRS has Elvis Andrus as tied for the 4th best SS in baseball defensively, and UZR has him as 7th best.

3)  DRS and UZR both have Julio Borbon slightly above average.

4)  DRS and UZR both have Michael Young below average.